Lifesystems Stainless Steel Tick Removal Tweezers

Lifesystems Stainless Steel Tick Removal Tweezers are ergonomically designed to remove ticks efficiently without leaving the head buried under the skin. The rounded tweezer ends hook under the ticks body allowing for a firm grip on the ticks head and also supporting its body. All you need to do then is slowly and steadily pull the tick away from the skin.

Ticks are active when temperatures reach above 8°C and the highest risk of being bitten in the UK is between March and October. If there is a possibility you may walk through long grass or grazing pastureland then it is a good idea to keep a tick removal tool close at hand as the quicker they are removed, the less chance you have of catching Lyme disease.




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Stainless Steel Tick Removal Tweezers

Remove ticks safely and hygienically 

Made in: China

Treats: All tick sizes

Contents: tick removal tool, protective sleeve, and instructions

Suitable for: All ages

Dimensions: 120 x 10mm

Weight: 18g / 0.6oz


180 Day<br> Returns Policy

180 Day
Returns Policy

International<br>Shipping available

Shipping available

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