Titanium Spork

Sub Zero Titanium Sporks are the ideal hiking cutlery for the minimalist camper and lightweight backpacker.

Manufactured from premium food grade titanium, these 14.7g sporks have an extremely high strength to weight ratio, being stronger than steel and almost half the weight.

The sporks spoon head incorporates a four prong fork and angled sides that can be used to cut through soft foods. The base of the handle has a bottle opener tool that can also double up as a lid lifter for camp cooking pots. Cut outs along the length of the titanium spork reduce weight further without affecting its stability, and the sandblasted finish allows for a better grip.




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Titanium Spork

Lightweight but tough cutlery for minimalist campers and backpackers

Made in: Taiwan

Brand: Sub Zero

Material: Food grade titanium alloy

Finish: Sandblasted

Dimensions: 163mm x 36mm x 2mm

Weight: 14.7g / 0.5oz


180 Day<br> Returns Policy

180 Day
Returns Policy

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Shipping available

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