Terra Nova Aluminium SOS Stakes

Aluminium SOS Stakes have a wide arced shaft for extra ground bite and extra long length allowing stable anchoring for a firm pitch.

These giant stakes are ideal for winter conditions as they can be hammered in to the soil without the fear of them bending. They are also suitable for sand and soft ground where other pegs would pull out under tension, and are a perfect addition for any mountain or expedition tent in difficult terrain.




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Aluminium SOS Stakes

Oversized pegs for securing tents and tarps in soft soil and sand

Made in: Great Britain

Weight (per peg): 56g / 2.0oz

Diameter: 35mm

Length: 300mm

Material: Aluminium alloy

Contents: Pack of 10


180 Day<br> Returns Policy

180 Day
Returns Policy

International<br>Shipping available

Shipping available

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