Pyramid DEET Mosquito Repellent Wrist Bands

Pyramid DEET Mosquito Repellent Wrist Bands offers dry protection from biting insects.

Utilising dry microencapsulation technology, these adjustable bands slowly release a DEET vapour that repels a wide range of irritating insects. If used for seven hours a day, resealing in a plastic bag when not in use, these bands will each last for up to 14 days

Please note: These bands are not suitable for children under 3 years old and should only be used with children under 6 years old when supervised by an adult. Do not apply to sensitive, sunburnt or damaged skin.




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Mosquito Repellent Wrist Bands

Protect your skin from biting insects

Made in: Great Britain

Repels: Mosquitoes, horseflies, sand flies, midges, gnats, ticks

Formulation: 4% micro-encapsulated DEET, 2% Citriodiol

Suitable for: Adults and children over 3 years of age

Effective for: 7 hours a day over two weeks

 Contents: 4 bands


180 Day<br> Returns Policy

180 Day
Returns Policy

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