Primus Power Gas Cannisters 230g

Primus Power Gas is a versatile 3-season blend of propane and isobutane that provides excellent power even if temperatures drop below freezing.  

The screw thread on these canisters complies with European Standard EN417 enabling them to fit most brands of camping gas stoves. A self-sealing Lindal valve within the thread prevents any gas form escaping when not in use, whilst the plastic cap covers the entire cannisters neck to help protect the thread from being damaged or from accumulating dirt and dust.

These 230g power gas cannisters are ideal for two people over a long weekend.

*Please note: We are unable to post these cannisters. They are for collection only at our warehouse. 




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Primus Power Gas

Three season camping gas blend for excellent power and versatility

Cannister made in: Korea
Brand: Primus
Version: 220761
Filled: Great Britain
Gas Mix:
Propane & Isobutane
Temperature range: -15°C to +25°C
Season: 3 Seasons 
Thread: Screw self sealing
Dimensions (HxD): 90 x 110mm
Weight: 385g / 13.6oz


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180 Day
Returns Policy

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