Primus Lite+ Gas Stove Fern Green

Primus Lite+ Gas Stoves are compact lightweight high efficiency burners for solo campers and backpackers.

This new 2021 model improves on previous versions without diverging away from the features that make it so popular with outdoor enthusiasts. The anodised aluminium 500ml (16.9oz) ETA pot is virtually the same, with its energy efficient integrated heat exchanger and stove connector. What has changed is the lid and sleeve. The clear Tritan plastic top has been replaced by a deeper HDPE lid that can double up as a cup. The heat resistant insulating sleeve now has a more environmentally friendly cork backing, but the rest of the design has stayed the same. The large webbing handle can still be undone at the base using the metal S-clip, which loops over the top of the pot and reattaches on the opposite side to form a carry handle. This can then be used in conjunction with the cord attachment (included) for suspending the Lite+ stove.

The burner has a threaded adaptor for gas cannister attachment and also has a Piezo electric trigger for ease of lighting. The main body has an integrated wind shield that also forms the second part of the connector. To marry the burner and the pot together, align the triangular shapes and twist. It couldn't be simpler.

If you need to use a larger pot with the burner then there are three threaded pot support screws attached to the webbing handle (plus one spare in the box). Just screw these in to the burner and place your pot on top of them.

For uneven ground you could either use the suspension system or the foot support (included) that attaches to the base of the gas cannister.

Please Note: The gas canister is not included.



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Lite+ Gas Stove

Compact gas stove for solo adventurers

Made in: Estonia
Version: 356031 (2021)
Technology: ETA energy efficiency, Laminar flow burner, triangular joint connector
Dimensions: 130 x 100mm
Weight: 402g / 14.1oz
Burn time: 59 minutes on 100g gas canister
Output: 1500W / 4500BTU/h
Boiling time for 0.5 litre of water: 2.45 minutes 
People: 1
Ignition: Piezoelectric
Contents: Burner, 500ml pot and lid, insulating sleeve, gas cannister support, suspension cord, 4 x threaded pot support, microfibre cloth
Colour: Fern Green


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