Primus Easy Light 490 Lumens Lanterns

Primus Easy Light Gas Lanterns are compact and lightweight, spreading effective light and warmth while taking minimal space in your backpack.

Equipped with a piezo ignition, a patented almost noiseless fuel efficient burner, and an adjustable brightness corresponding to a maximum of 490 lumens, this lantern perfectly lights up your sleeping area. 

These lanterns come in a durable plastic case with an unused mantle and operating instructions. 

* Lumens: refers to the amount of light or light energy that is actually radiated from a light source. The higher the figure the brighter the torch.

Please note: The gas cannister is not included.



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Easy Light Lantern

Compact and bright hanging lantern

Made in: Estonia

Version: 224583

Fuel: LPG threaded gas cartridges

Ignition: Piezoelectric

Brightness: Up to 490 lumens

Lantern dimensions: 122 x 79 x 73mm

Weight: 187g / 7oz


180 Day<br> Returns Policy

180 Day
Returns Policy

International<br>Shipping available

Shipping available

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