Lifesystems Reusable Hand Warmers

Lifesystems Reusable Hand Warmers are ideal for instantaneous heat in cold weather and are suited for warming cold hands when walking and hiking. In emergencies they can provide a quick source of heat for people with injuries.

These gel hand warmers are manufactured from non-toxic sodium acetate and water. When you click the metal disc inside the gel, it sparks the crystallisation process that turns the gel form a liquid state to a solid state. This phase change releases energy as heat, with a maximum heat output of 54°c. Depending on the weather conditions, the heat output from the gel will last for up to 45 minutes.

To 'recharge' the gel pads, you just need to place them in boiling water for a few minutes until the crystals have dissolved and the gel runs clear. The process can then start all over again, but remember to let the gel pads cool down first before handling.

Please Note: Gel pads should not be applied directly to their skin of the injured.




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Reusable Hand Warmers

Avoid cold hands with these rechargeable warming gels

Made in: China

Max Temperature: 54°c /130°F

Keeps warm: Up to 45 minutes (each warmer)

Dimensions (each): 90 x 90 x 15mm

Weight (each): 118g / 4.2oz

Contents: 2 gel packs


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180 Day
Returns Policy

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