Lifesystems Replacement Plug-in Mosquito Killer Tablets

Lifesystems Plug-in Mosquito Killer Tablets contain the pyrethroid insecticide Prallethrin to protect against biting insects in your hotel room.

This long-lasting and odourless insecticide vapour will treat up to 35 cubic metres of space.

The 20 tablets in this pack will provide up to 20 nights protection based on a 10 hour average use, and the standard size means they are compatible with other makes of plug in mosquito killers.

*PRECAUTIONS: Keep away from children and animals. Indoor use only. Read full instructions before use.




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Plug-in Mosquito Killer Tablets

Protect your rooms from unwanted biting insects

Made in: Italy

Repels: Mosquitoes, Horseflies, Sandflies, Midges, Gnats, Ticks.

Active ingredients: Prallethrin 0.99%

Dimensions: 22 x 35 x 2mm (individual tablet)

Contents: 20 foil wrapped tablets

Repellency time: 1 tablet provides 10 hours protection (approx)

Weight: 85g / 3oz (pack)


180 Day<br> Returns Policy

180 Day
Returns Policy

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