Lifesystems Insect Repellent Smoke Coils

Lifesystems Insect Repellent Outdoor Smoke Coils are ideal for campers and travellers who need to protect themselves from biting bugs. 

These unbreakable recycled paper coils have a synthetic pyrethroid, based on a chemical found naturally in chrysanthemum flowers, impregnated in to them during the manufacturing process. When burnt, this repellent, in combination with the smoke, deters insects, protecting you against being bitten.

Each repellent coil will burn for up to 6.5 hours, and comes in a pack of 10 with two burner stands. These coils are packed in pairs and will need to be split before being attached to the stand for lighting.

*PRECAUTIONS: Keep away from children and animals. Outdoor use only.




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Insect Repellent Smoke Coils

Repel insects when enjoying the outdoors

Made in: Italy

Repels: Mosquitoes, Horseflies, Sandflies, Midges, Gnats, Ticks.

Active ingredients: Prallethrin 0.036% (w/w)

Pack dimensions: 145 x 135 x 15mm

Contents: 10 coils and 2 stands

Repellency time: Each provides up to 6.5 hours protection

Weight: 120g / 4.2oz (pack)


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180 Day
Returns Policy

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