Lifesystems Dual Fire Starter Flint

Lifesystems Dual Fire Starter Flint is a complete solution for creating fire in most weather conditions, making them ideal for lightweight backpackers and survival enthusiasts.

As the name suggests, the fire starter comes with two different rods. The Ferrocerium rod generates an extremely high temperature spark at 2980ºC when struck, making it easy to light a fire or stove at altitude and in poor weather conditions.

If you are struggling to find enough dry tinder to start your fire then you can use the striker tool to slice shavings off the second magnesium rod, that is easily lit with the sparks from the Ferrocerium.

Both these rods fold in to a compact and tough ABS plastic housing that also holds the striker steel, and its bright orange colour helps with retrieval if placed on the floor or dropped by mistake.

To spark the Ferrocerium rod, scrape it at a 45º angle with the steel striker applying reasonable pressure.This action can be completed up to 8000 times before replacing.

If you are using the sparks to light a stove, please do not stand over it when striking the flint.




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Lifesystems Dual Fire Starter Flint

Build a fire no matter what the weather conditions

Made in: China

Dimensions (packed): 75 x 12 x 25mm

Weight: 27g / 1.5oz

Lifespan: 8000 strikes

Colour: Orange and black


180 Day<br> Returns Policy

180 Day
Returns Policy

International<br>Shipping available

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