Ghillie Kettle Hard Anodised Adventurer 1420ml

Ghillie Kettle Hard Anodised Adventurer are ideal for any outdoor activity where weight and availability of liquid fuel is an issue. They even work in storm conditions, bringing water to the boil within a matter of minutes using whatever solid fuel is naturally occurring in the area - sticks, grass, pine cones, birch bark.

These solid fuel camping stoves are hand made in the UK from lightweight aluminium that has gone through a new hard anodising process that creates a tough non-reactive scratch resistant surface that is 2-4 times stronger than aluminium treated using the normal anodising process. The result is a Ghillie Kettle that is much lighter and stronger than stainless steel, boiling water at a much quicker rate.

To use, simply pour water in to the spout and add the safety whistle bung. Place your foraged fuel in the bottom of the pan on which the kettle sits. Once lit, flames rise through the middle of the chimney. The hole at the side of the base plate allows more fuel to be added and also allows oxygen to be sucked in as the flames rise (you can also add combustible items down through the centre of the chimney). The sturdy link chain ensures that the safety whistle bung will not be lost during adventures, and the wooden grip on the handle means you can carry the kettle stove without burning your hands.

The genius of these stoves is that it not only will it boil water quickly, it will also warm up and cook food when used in conjunction with a Ghillie Kettle Pot Support. These lightweight fittings slot over the stoves chimney and allow pots to securely rest on top of them, with the chimney exhaust heat cooking and warming the contents.

The Adventurer is the largest kettle in the Ghillie range and will hold up to 14200ml of water, enough to provide a group of people with a hot drink.

All Hard Anodised Ghillie Kettles come in a durable nylon stuff sack and are guaranteed for 10 years (subject to normal wear and tear)

Please be aware that these Ghillie Kettles are crafted by hand, and by nature of this process they may have slight cosmetic imperfections. This does not in any way affect their performance, but is part of the charm of handmade products.



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Hard Anodised Adventurer

Compact kettle for boiling water in minutes from foraged tinder

Made in: Great Britain

Material: Food grade anodised aluminium

Volume: 1420ml

Weight: 1130g / 39.9oz (including carry sack)

Dimensions: 340 x 185mm (at widest point)

Contents: Solid fuel kettle stove, round fire box, drawstring carry sack

Colour: Dark gun metal


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180 Day
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