Cool T Mens Long Sleeve Wicking Top

Cool T Mens Long Sleeve Wicking Tops are most suited for all day activities where full torso cooling and moisture management is required.

The lightweight Cool T fabric is manufactured from Sub Zeros unique bicomponent design whereby two polyester fabrics are knitted independently side by side and then automatically stitched together. This gives two different faces to the fabric. The inner wicking layer transports moisture to the outer layer that has a larger surface area, spreading it out and allowing it to evaporate much more efficiently. This, in combination with the low insulating properties of the fabric, helps to keep you cool. 

Designed with hot weather in mind, these Cool T tops have a loose summer cut to allow the free flow of air around the garment. The long cut allows them to drape over shorts or trousers, whilst the sleeves are designed not to impinge on the armpits. A small raised collar provides a comfortable fit around the neck line. 

This long sleeve version provides full protection of your arms, useful if you have sensitive skin or are going to be working in the sun for long periods of time.




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Mens Long Sleeve Wicking Tops

Keep cool and dry in the heat with these moisture managing tops

Made in: Great Britain

Brand: Sub Zero

TOG: 0.22

Fabric: 100% Polyester

Average weight: 140g / 4.9oz

Fit: Loose

Layer: First - next to the skin

Size availability: XSmall-XXLarge

Colour: White, Black

Fabric treatments: Hydrophilic

Washing instructions: 40°C wash with mild detergent, do not tumble dry, iron on low setting


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180 Day
Returns Policy

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