Coghlans Disposable Hand Warmers

Coghlans Disposable Hand Warmers are ideal for instantaneous heat in cold weather and are suited for warming cold hands when walking and hiking. In emergencies they can provide a quick source of heat for people with injuries.

These hand warmers are manufactured from iron powder, salt, water, sawdust, and activated carbon, contained within a air permeable Tyvek pouch. Once exposed to air, the iron powder reacts with the oxygen to form iron oxide (rust), releasing heat in the process.

To use, remove the hand warmer from its plastic cover and massage/shake several times to circulate the air, allowing a few minutes for the pack to warm up. Ideally they want to be placed within a pocket or glove to help retain the heat.  

*Please Note: Supervision is required when using with children, the ill or disabled. 




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Disposable Hand Warmers

Quick heat supply to warm cold hands

Made in: China

Brand: Coghlans

Version: C8797

Temperature: 60°c /140°F - 68°c /155°F

Keeps warm: Up to six hours

Dimensions: 76 x 100mm

Weight: 28g / 1oz

Contents: 1 hand warmer

180 Day<br> Returns Policy

180 Day
Returns Policy

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