Bright Spark Portable Camping Gas Heater

Bright Spark Portable Camping Gas Heaters provide almost instantaneous warmth for cold adventurers.  

The main body of this heater is manufactured from robust coated stainless steel, with a folding carry handle for portability and ease of storage. A central ceramic mesh burner helps to maximise the heat output, whilst the surrounding heat transfer plate radiates warmth outwards. Air flow vents in the base and above the burner provide increased air flow and circulation, whilst the protective wire mesh cover helps protect against accidents. The Burner body is joined to the base via a pivot that allows the heater to be angled in to a position that suits.

Instead of messing around with large fuel bottles, these heaters utilise butane Battery A4 gas cartridges that are quick and easy to install - just flip open the cover on the base, line up the seals and pull down the locking lever. Ignition is via a piezo ignitor. Just turn the variable flame control switch all the way around until you hear a click and see a spark. In very cold weather you may need to pull out the spring loaded choke ring to get the heater lit.

Please Note: A gas cartridge is not included. Use the stove in a well ventilated area outdoors only.



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Gas Cartridge Camping Heater

Instant warmth during cold weather adventures

fMade in: China
Version: BS400
Dimensions (LWD): 280 x 190 x 260mm
Weight: 2.18kg / 4.8lbs
Gas Type: Butane Battery A4 Cartridge
Fuel consumption: 100g/hour
Heat output (max): 1300 watts
Ignition: Piezo automatic


180 Day<br> Returns Policy

180 Day
Returns Policy

International<br>Shipping available

Shipping available

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