BioLite Camp Stove 2+ Charger

BioLite Camp Stove 2+ Charger is a portable campfire that can cook your meals and charge your gear all at the same time.

The stove comes shipped in two parts nestled inside one another to save space in your pack - a burn chamber and a power pack. Manufactured from stainless steel, the burn chamber is formed in two sections. The inner steel skin has drilled fan jet holes to circulate air for improved combustion as well as a scalloped pot stand at the top. Three sides of the outer skin incorporate a honeycomb mesh that helps dissipate heat, whilst the base houses the three large aluminium stability legs that can be folded up on themselves to save space.

The orange battery pack contains BioLite’s patented core technology that captures waste heat from the fire through a heat probe, converting it into electricity via a thermoelectric generator. This powers a fan that sends electricity to a USB charging port, with any excess power being stored in the upgraded 3,200 mAh internal battery. Air is injected back into the burn chamber via the fan to dramatically improve combustion and create a cleaner, more efficient burn. Real time feedback on fire strength, power output and fan speed is presented on the external smart LED dashboard. 



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BioLite Camp Stove 2+

Cook your dinner whilst recharging your phone

Made in: China

Version: 05010890

Brand: BioLite

USB Output: 3 Watts

Battery: 3,200 mAh

Boil time: 1 litre of water in 4.5 minutes

Stove weight: 934g / 33oz 

Dimensions (packed): 127mm x 201mm

Contents: BioLite stove, LED FlexLight, two stuff sacks - one for stove and LED, pack of fire starters, instructions

Colour: Silver


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180 Day
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