Washing instructions may be found on the packaging of your walking socks. Please follow these instructions carefully as failure to comply with them will make your guarantee void. If you have removed the packaging, unsure of the washing symbol meanings, or there are none-present,  then the full washing instructions can be found below.

  • Machine wash* on a gentle cycle or hand wash in water not exceeding 30°C or 86°F
  • You can use a mild washing detergent but ideally you want to use a walking sock specific washing treatment 
  • Wash dark colours separately, do not bleach, do not use fabric conditioners
  • These socks can be spun dry in a washing machine
  • Do not tumble dry. Air dry on a line or airer
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not iron

 * Except Extremities Waterproof Evolution socks. These need to be hand washed in cool water.



Turning your walking socks inside out before washing them will help to eliminate odour causing bacteria and remove their food source - sweat and dead skin. If they are especially muddy, then think about washing them twice - once with the mud facing out and secondly turned inside out.

There have been huge advances in walking sock construction utilising numerous different blended yarns of both natural and synthetic fibres. These not only provide a better fit, longer lifespan, and shorter drying times, but also enables them to be washed at higher temperature. We would however err on the side of caution and wash all our walking socks at 30°C. 

To prevent socks being lost in the wash, many people pair them together. This often leads to poor laundry results. Instead, place your socks in a mesh washing bag.