There are no standard sizes for clothing, which is why each brand has their own unique cut and fit. Please do not presume you are the same size between brands for a similar product. If you have a base layer that fits correctly, then use it as a template for these measurements.  

Chest - Measure the full circumference of your chest just below the armpits
Hem - Measure the full circumference at the top of your hips
Back Drop - Measure from the back of your neck to the base of your spine
Arm Length* - Measure from the end of your shoulder to your wrist

* This measurement is only applicable for long sleeves. Short sleeve versions of these mid layer tops finish just above the elbow. 

Our mid layers will contour to most body shapes when worn thanks to the fabrics in-built stretch. You should wear them close fitting but not so they are restrictive. Wearing baggy or ill fitting mid layers will lead to the loss of heat and a reduction in their wicking properties.

These mid layers are designed to be worn over the top of our base layers but they can be worn directly next to the skin if required. Sizes for both Sub Zero base layers and mid layers are comparable - so if you wear a Factor 1 plus base layer in large, then you should require a Sub Zero Factor 2 mid layer in the same size and vice versa. However, this may not work out for everybody so please consult the size chart below. 

Please be aware that these measurements are taken from the garments unstretched, apart from the 'TO FIT CHEST' column, that indicates the range of fit. They are applicable to our long sleeve mid layers in round neck and zip turtle styles, short sleeve round neck style, and sleeveless style top as the bodies are based on the same pattern.

This is also the case for the Factor 2 Plus range - it is a thicker fabric but the construction utilises the same patterns as the Factor 2 mid layer range, hence the sizing is the same. 

The table below shows the garment measurements for our Factor 2 Mid layers. There is a tolerance of +/- 5mm.

cm in cm in cm in cm in
XSMALL 79-84 31-33 82 32 64 25 64 25
SMALL 86-92 34-36 90 35 66 26 66 26
MEDIUM 94-99 37-39 96 38 69 27 67 26.5
LARGE 102-107 40-42 104 41 71 28 68 27
XLARGE 109-112 43-44 112 44 74 29 69 27
XXLARGE 112-114 44-45 120 47 76 30 70 28


The table below shows the actual garment weights per size for each of the different styles of Factor 2 mid layer tops we manufacture. There is a tolerance of +/- 20g. R/N refers to round neck.

g oz g oz g oz g oz
XSMALL 205 7 - - 220 8 - -
SMALL 215 8 - - 235 8 - -
MEDIUM 235 8 - - 255 9 - -
LARGE 260 9 - - 280 10 - -
XLARGE 285 10 - - 300 11 - -
XXLARGE 305 11 - - 330 12 - -

Trade Customers

For over 50 years we have been supplying a wide range of industrial companies with our hard wearing clothing, helping keep their employees warm and dry in all weather conditions.

Our prices are very competitive with outstanding customer service and quick dispatch from our UK factory.

For further information and details on how to open an account with us, please see our trade customer page.


We operate a global network of distributors for our outdoor products. If you are interested in joining our team then please visit our Distributor Page for further details.

UK Retailers

The outdoor industry is very tough at the best of times for retailers. Getting the right products at the right price at the right time is a constant headache.

Here at Sub Zero we like to forge lasting relationships with our retail partners. We have products we know people want to buy and will help you reach out to them.

For further information please visit our Retailers page.


Throughout our 50+ years of trading we have supplied numerous expeditions throughout the world. Our products have been tried and tested from the ravages of Arctic/Antarctic winters to the searing temperatures of the Nevada dessert. Our experienced sales team will be able to help you with all aspects of your expedition gear list. Please contact them through the Expeditions Page.

Emergency Services & Military

We have a long history of working in partnership with UK, European and other military services around the globe. Our knowledge and experience in cold weather clothing is essential for winter deployment.

In the UK, we supply many emergency services groups with our gear, whether that be issue kit under a contract process, or direct through smaller group budgets.

Please visit our Emergency Services & Military page for further details.