Care Plus Venimex Venom Extractor

Care Plus Venimex Venom Extractor is a patented hand held vacuum pump with very strong suction (up to 800 millibar) that it is designed to remove the poison after being bitten or stung by an insect or arthropod, stopping it from spreading within the body. It is particularly effective against bites and stings from wasps, bees, spiders and scorpions.

Each Venimex  is supplied with two mouthpieces for extraction of different bites, and its single handed action means it is indispensable for solo travellers. The Venimex is suitable for all ages and has been tested by Laboratoire National d’Essais Francais.

Instructions: The instructions for the Venimex should be read fully before use. it should be noted that in serious cases the Venimex can only be used as a first aid treatment to be given while waiting for proper medical care



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    Venimex Venom Extractor

    Remove bites and stings quickly and efficiently

    Made in: France

    Treats: Insect bites, skin irritation, itching, insect & plant stings

    Suitable for: All ages

    Dimensions: 145 x 60 x 185mm

    Weight: 155g / 5.5oz

    Contents: Venom extractor, 2 suction caps, extensive instructions


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    180 Day
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