Primus Service Kit For Omnifuel and Multifuel EX Stoves

PRIMUS Service Kit For Omnifuel and Multifuel EX contains a range of parts for ensuring your stoves continue to run smoothly.

There are three replacement jet nipples, one each for LP gas, white gas and kerosene , an O ring, leather grease and a leather gasket for the pump, two priming pads and a priming pad holder, two fuel filters, a brass screw, and a flame spreader.

All these parts are housed in a compact HDPE plastic box.



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Omnifuel and Multifuel EX Service Kits

Ensure your stove is running safely and efficiently

Made in: Estonia 
For: Omnifuel and Multifuel EX 328894, 328895, 3289
Dimensions (boxed): 105 x 65 x 20mm
Weight: 50g / 1.8oz
Contents: Jet nipple 0.42 LP Gas (734310), Jet nipple 0.37 white gas (734300), Jet nipple 0.26 kerosene (734290), O-ring (732440), Leather grease (730710), Leather gasket (730690), Priming pad x 2 (734220), Holder for priming pad (731880), Fuel filter x 2 (731890), Brass screw (731940), Flame spreader (731870)


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180 Day
Returns Policy

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