Welcome To Our New Website

Here it is. Our new website. We hope you like it.

For a lot of our loyal customer i know it couldn't have come sooner, but we are more used to developing fabrics and technical outdoor garments than websites, so your patience has been appreciated. Websites are never truly finished, but you have to launch them at some point. Its knowing when that point is that's important, so to paraphrase the Duke of Wellington we have decided to "Publish and be damned!"

So what is new?

Well everything really. We were mindful not to rehash the old site, instead starting the design process with a blank piece of paper. Although there will be similarities, this is more to do with branding and previous good practice than mimicry. 

One of the very first items on our wish list was to streamline the menu options, enabling simpler navigation, whilst providing our customers with better access to the information they need. Part of this process involved the various help pages and guides to be amalgamated in to one FAQ section. We think this now works very well. 

The website design process also gave us a great opportunity to take a serious look at our product range. After a few months of contemplation, we slimed down our offerings to concentrate on our core markets. Some decisions were made easy due to supplier issues, but some were very difficult. I hope you are in agreement with our choices. They were not taken lightly.

One of the main gripes with our old site was the ad hoc nature customers received information after placing an order. We have now addressed this with a system that automatically provides updates during the different order stages, either by email or SMS. This also links through to our payment provider and our shipping providers.

What happens next?

Over the next few months we will be adding further functionality to our site. There are a lot of areas we are intending of expanding, in fact too much to mention, but we have a few teasers for you:

We are fully aware that getting the correct sizing on garments is very difficult as their are no universal standards adopted by manufacturers. To help our customers make a more informed decision, we are going to photograph our ranges on real models with their body statistics provided alongside the images.

After auditing our sales statistics we noticed that our customers are more likely to order in the evenings and over the weekends. As our offices are closed during these periods we are investigating a live messaging service so we can provide an out of hours service to our customers. 

We would love to hear from you

Even though we have worked closely with our customers in designing this new  website, we know it is not perfect. There were obviously things we would have loved to do, but as with life, we were limited by time and money. However, we feel we have laid down the right framework to build off. 

When you look around our site, we would appreciate it if you could let us know your thoughts on the new design. Also, if you notice a mistake or come across a problem then please drop us a line, we would love to hear form you.

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