Emergency kit for driving in the snow

When extreme cold weather sets in you really need to think hard before embarking on a car journey. The first question you should obviously ask yourself in this situations is the necessity of it. If you must travel then please give yourself plenty of time so you can drive to the conditions, and notify someone where you are going and the probable route. If the worse comes to the worse and you find yourself stranded then please stay within your car and wait to be rescued. 


Before heading out, we recommend you carry the following kit to cover you for most eventualities:

  • Torch with spare batteries – For inspecting your car at night and signalling in emergencies.
  • First aid kit - It needn't be huge, just large enough to hold the right kit for treating common injuries. 
  • Phone charger - Either a small power bank or a cable for charging direct from the battery. 
  • Necessary medications - If you are prescribed life saving drugs then ensure you have enough supplies in your car for a few days. 
  • Sleeping bag or blankets – If stranded or waiting for recovery, cars can get very cold very quickly when the engines are turned off.
  • Hat and gloves - Protect your hands and face when outside, as well as providing extra warmth when worn inside your car.
  • Spare clothes – To change in to the ones you are wearing get wet from the snow or for adding extra layers of insulation.
  • Sand or rock salt – Helps to generate traction under your cars wheels should they start to spin. This is especially useful on hill starts.
  • Shovel – Enables you to clear snow form under your wheels
  • Ice scraper or brush - If you haven't got a shovel, then a brush can be employed to sweep snow form beneath your wheels. It is also handy for getting rid of snow that has accumulated on your cars bodywork. 
  • High visibility vest - Bright colours stand out in the snow, everyday work clothes colours do not.
  • Jump leads and tow rope - Often overlooked these days but cold weather can quickly drain an old battery. Using a tow rope to pull you out of a ditch or drift is always a better idea than being shunted out.
  • Cards, games and puzzles – To keep yourself and any passengers entertained.
  • High energy food – Calorie dense snacks such as chocolate, nuts, and dried fruit, will help keep your body fuelled and functioning.  
  • Bottled water – It may be cold and snowing but you still need to stay hydrated. If the temperatures are going to get very low then you may need to decant it in to a thermal flask to prevent it from freezing.
  • Fuel - If you are stuck in traffic for any length of time you may need to fill your tank so you can reach a petrol station. It also enables you to keep your engine running if you find yourself stranded.

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