Primus Micron 360 Lumens Lanterns

Primus Micron Gas Lanterns provides good light and warmth when you need small dimensions and a low pack weight.

The frosted glass and premium mantle produce a very powerful light of up to 360 lumens when lit using the quick and easy piezo ignition system. The patented fuel efficient burner ensures these lanterns are virtually silent, whilst the adjustable hanging wire attachment allows them to be hung in most situations for hands free light.

These lanterns come in a durable plastic case with an unused mantle and operating instructions. 

* Lumens: refers to the amount of light or light energy that is actually radiated from a light source. The higher the figure the brighter the torch.

Please note: The gas cannister is not included.



Sold Out

Micron Lantern

Compact and bright hanging lantern

Made in: Estonia

Brand: Primus

Version: P221363

Fuel: LPG threaded gas cartridges

Ignition: Piezoelectric

Brightness: Up to 360 lumens

Lantern dimensions: 123 x 63 x 61mm

Weight: 155g / 5.5oz


180 Day<br> Returns Policy

180 Day
Returns Policy

International<br>Shipping available

Shipping available

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