Primus Lite XL Pot 1000ml

Primus Litech XL Pots allow for energy efficient cooking when in the great outdoors.

Manufactured from BPA free food grade anodised aluminium, these pots have a durable ceramic non-stick coating on the inside that makes the surface extremely temperature-resistant, effectively preventing food from burning and sticking to the pot. The heat-resistant silicon coated interlocking handles fold flat against the body of the camping pot for ease of storage, whilst the silicon gripped transparent Tritan plastic lid doubles up as a colander.

What makes these pots so outstanding is their integrated heat exchanger. When used on a gas stove it will give approximate efficiency savings of 50% compared to conventional camping pots.

On the base of these pots there is a unique locking mechanism (patent pending) that allows them to connect to the Primus Lite and Lite Plus gas stoves, doubling their cooking capacity.

To minimise pack volumes, you can pack the pot with its lid turned upside down in its own practical net stuff sack.

Anodised aluminium: The extremely even surface is harder than stainless steel and 5 times harder than traditional aluminium, with very shallow pores for dirt and bacteria to collect.




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Litech XL Pots

Ultra efficient cooking pots with an integrated heat exchanger

Made in: China

Version: P737938

Material: Anodised aluminium

Dimensions: 140 x 140 x 115mm

Capacity:  1000ml / 33.8floz

Weight: 380g / 13.4oz


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180 Day
Returns Policy

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