Primus Express Gas Stove Set

Primus Express Gas Stove Sets are lightweight compact and fuel efficient, making them ideal for solo adventures.  

The Express burner has a threaded adaptor for gas attachment and comes with a Piezo electric trigger for ease of lighting. If it is breezy, the portable windscreen simply clicks onto the burners body using powerful magnets. 

To help with fuel economy, the anodised aluminium non-stick PrimeTech pot has an integrated heat exchanger that makes it approximately 50% more efficient compared to conventional camping pots. It is accompanied by a Tritan plastic lid that can also double up as a colander. 

The stove, a 100g gas cartridge and the wind shield can be packed in the pot when not in use, with the fold flat handles making it easy to pack in to your backpack.

Please Note: The gas canister is not included.



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Express Gas Stove Set

Energy efficient cooking for one or two people

Made in: Estonia
Version: P353094
Technology: ETA energy efficiency
Dimensions: 118 x 19.2oz
Weight: 5.44g / 19.2oz
Burn time: 50 minutes on 100g gas canister
Output: 2600W / 8900BTU/h
Boiling time for 1 litre of water: 2.67 minutes 
People: 1-2
Ignition: Piezoelectric
Contents: Burner, 1000ml PrimeTech pot, Magnetic wind shield, lid, plastic bowl


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180 Day
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