Lifesystems Bite and Sting Relief Spray 50ml

Lifesystems Bite and Sting Relief Spray utilises the natural healing properties of witch hazel extract to sooth and cool the skin after an insect sting or bite, providing instant irritation relief.

It is also good for soothing bee and nettle stings.

This handy insect bite relief pump spray is easy to apply, and is ideal for placing in your purse or pocket when travelling.

Application Instructions: Apply directly on to the affected area of the skin. Do not apply near to eyes or mouth.




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Bite and Sting Relief Spray

Sooth and cool irritated skin when outdoors

Made in: Great Britain

Treats: Insect bites, skin irritation, itching, insect and plant stings

Volume: 50ml / 2floz

Application: 50ml Aluminium pump spray bottle

Formulation: 30% witch hazel extract, alcohol, glycerin, stearic acid, colouring

Suitable for: Children over 2 years of age and adults

Dimensions: 35 x 115mm

Weight: 76g / 2.7oz


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180 Day
Returns Policy

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