Primus Primetech Double Pot Set 1300ml

Primus Primetech Pot Sets enable energy efficient cooking for individuals or small groups.

Each set consists of two 1300ml capacity anodised aluminium pans, one of which has an integrated heat exchanger with a durable internal ceramic non-stick coating, a self locking removable handle, and a Tritan plastic lid that doubles up as a colander. 

Using the heat exchanger pot when cooking can provide up to 50% energy efficiency compared to standard cooking pots, allowing for quick cooking times.

To minimise pack volumes, the standard pot nestles inside the heat exchanger pot, along with the handle and lid, and can be packed away in its own stuff sack.

Anodised aluminium: The extremely even surface is harder than stainless steel and 5 times harder than traditional aluminium, with very shallow pores for dirt and bacteria to collect.




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Primetech Pot Sets

Ultra efficient cooking pots with an integrated heat exchanger

Made in: China

Version: P740380

Material: Anodised aluminium

Dimensions: 178 x 178 x 108mm

Capacity (each pot):  1300ml / 44.0floz

Weight: 524g / 18.5oz

Contents: 1300ml pot with heat exchanger, 1300ml pot, Tritan lid, self locking removable handle, stuff sack


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180 Day
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